The mission of the Association is to identify, preserve and develop Covasna county’s cultural values. In the same time, the Association participates in the social life, where encourages the youngsters to take part in the development of cultural tourism and in the protection of the environment, putting aside racial, gender and ethnic discrimination.




The goal is to promote the education of the adults meanwhile to support Covasna county’s old traditions and to integrate the cultural minorities.


The Association’s objectives are also to cooperate with different cultural associations, organizations and institutions, meanwhile to contribute to Covasna county’s cultural, educational, economic and social development.



Since it was established (2014), the Association highly supports the local roma minority: several roma youngsters have participated in different camps organized by the Association, and the number of the participants shows an increasing tendency.



Among other similar initiatives includes a series of programs, covering almost an entire year, launched in February in partnership with the Maltese Charity Service of Saint George. The series of program takes place in Valea Crisului. The aim of this project is to create a cultural activity for the local Roma minority which would increase their interest of the cultural sphere, meanwhile would teach them how to put in practice in the future everything what they have learnt during the project.



During the project, the participants will be able to learn how to make corn husks, to paint, to felting, to make pottery, to untangle and last but not least to learn how to make baskets. These would also contribute to keep the folk traditions alive.

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