Main projects

Folk dance
Sponsored by the Csoóri Sándor Program
Yarn and lace work
Folk Decorative Art-2018
Painted kitchen furniture-Traveling exhibition
Sponsored by the Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő
Painted bathroom furniture-traveling exhibition
Sponsored by the Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő
István Ildikó- Tüzet viszek
Sponsored by the Csoóri Sándor Alap

Artistic camp with traditional craft techniques

The aim of the project was to implement a 6-day (5 nights) folk ornament workshop camp for 25 children who were able to master the techniques of felting, dressing, furniture dyeing and yarn graphics during the project. The target group of the project is 8-14 year old  children who wanted to get acquainted with folk decorative art and the mysteries of traditional professions. The professionals participating in the project are 2 qualified teachers of the Sepsiszentgyörgy Art and Folk School, who provided the necessary curriculum and the necessary professional experience. In addition to the decorative arts, important emphasis was placed on physical, mental and emotional refreshment, self-forgotten recreation, play, the development of independence, the development of social relationships, the development of socialization and self-knowledge.

Hozományláda- broadcast

With the support of the Béla Halmos Program of the National Cultural Fund, we produced a program promoting Hungarian folk music and folk traditions every two weeks as part of our “Chest of Drawers” ​​program, which took place between February 2019 and February 2020. It was broadcast on Wednesdays at show.

The aim of the project is to introduce the folk culture of Transylvania to strata that have not been able to meet it so far.

During the support period, we produced 26 programs, for a total of 10 hours 2 minutes 22 seconds of edited audio. The program, including repeats, was broadcast a total of 52 times, giving a total broadcast range of 20 hours 4 minutes 44 seconds.

Created in collaboration with Sláger Rádió in Sepsiszentgyörgy and the Sic Art Association and supported by the Béla Halmos program of the NKA, the aim of the program was to acquaint and love the huge Transylvanian / Szekler musical and ethnographic treasure. With the involvement of three permanent experts, we presented the connected folk music, dance order and costume of the Hungarian-speaking regions of Transylvania, ie the ethnographic map, and the description of our festive customs was given an increased role. Our program featured instrumental, orchestral collections from recent decades.

Printed aids for folk music education

The “Tüzet viszek” printed material is a self-edited publication and is available for free  to students  in folk music and dance education. The publication, colored with graphic illustrations, includes folk songs, instrument presentations and folk games for children. Furthermore, we can get a cohesive picture of how folk games for children are used in a didactic environment. We can read the experiences of István Ildikó, who has been teaching folk dances in the kindergartens of Sepsiszentgyörgy for 20 years now, and a detailed presentation of the methods she used.

Conductor training workshop

It was organized between November 8 and November 11, 2017 at the initiative of the Sic-Art Association for the Conductor Training, which supports the brass genre. Participants in the project were able to take part in a four-day intensive training, which resulted in the further training of conductors with appropriate expertise within the framework of non-formal education. The number of participants in the program was 20, all conductors of a wind ensemble. By helping, moving, supporting, and most of all sharing their knowledge, they contributed to the success of the event.

The venue of the event, which covers about 4 days, this time was the settlement of Nagybacon in Covasna County.

The professionalism and content of the event was ensured by:

– István Vágási

– Zsolt Czier

The workshop was organized with the financial support of the Sic Art Association, the Communitas Foundation and the Hungarian Democratic Association of Romania.